Consultant in
Power Conversion Engineering


Power Electronics
All conversions: Rectifiers, Inverters, DC/DC...
All functions : Battery Chargers, PFC, APF, Induction heating...
Filtering dimensioning calculation.
Thermal dimensioning calculation.
Analog Electronic (Measuring, Filtering, Oscillators)
Digital Electronic (MCU, CPLD, FPGA, Communication, Interfaces)
Test and Measurements Technics
Electrical, EMC and Thermal Performances Assesment
Assembly and PCB Manufacturing Documentation
  • Mathematical Modelisation
  • Test and measurement assesment technic
  • Electromechanical Systems Simulation.
  • Correctors Design
  • Stability Analysis
  • Classical (PID) and Modern (State Space, LQ, H2,...) Feedbacks
  • Numerical Filters Synthesis
C, MISRA rules, 
Plateforms Core
Microcontrolers Unit : C51, ARM7TDMI, HCS08, R8C, MSP430
DSP : TMS320
PC : Windows (Qt)
Main Designs
Task Management
Communication (Polling, Datagrammes) over I2C, SPI, COM, CAN...
Measurements and filtering (FIR, CIC)
States Machines
Ac main loss with functional recovering Management...
Design Cycle Management, with Design For Test view :
  • Requirements,
  • Detail Design,
  • Implementation,
  • Test,
  • Verification and Validation
Industrial Documention (RG.Aero 000 04).

Project Management (Quality, Costs, Lead times)

Internationale (IEC) and European (EN) Rules:
  • Safety (EN 60950, EN 50178, IEC 60664,...)
  • Electro Magnetic Compatibility (EN 61000,...)
  • Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS)
International Consortiums : 
  • IEEE Member
  • IPC
  • Adaptable 
  • Flexible
  • Inquisitive Mind
  • Rigorous
  • Experience sharing